Kandan Kathirvel


With the emergence of new technologies such as 5G, augmented and virtual reality, autonomous cars, drones and IOT with smart cities, data is increasingly being produced at the user end of the network. These use cases demand real-time processing and communication between distributed endpoints, creating the need for efficient processing at the network edge using “Edge Computing”.

Operating “Edge computing” at a large scale requires complete zero-touch provisioning and refined operational tools to reduce overall cost. A cohesive effort was needed in the industry to bridge the gaps in the Opensource technologies to support emerging edge use cases. The Akraino Edge Stack is a Linux Foundation project which is addressing the technology gaps and creating open source software for edge.

Akraino Edge Stack “blueprints” delivers end to end solution for a particular Edge use case, which is complete, tested, production deployable. Akraino Integrates multiple open sources together to deliver the blueprints.

In this talk, Kandan will share;

1. Edge Use Cases and how it is driving the industrial changes.

2. Varieties of Blueprints Akraino Community is developing

3. How to engage and contribute to the Akraino Community