Emerging Systems and Technologies

Are we ready for Edge Cloud & 5G?

Speakers: Jeni Panhorst and Udayan Mukherjee

Time: 4:30PM – 5:05PM

The massive 3G/4G global deployment was focused on communications – bringing people around the world together, anywhere, anytime. And since the inception of NFV, the industry has made admirable progress virtualizing the network to build scale and flexibility. But how close are we really to the agile, cloud-based networks of the future that will fuel the 5G and Edge Cloud inflection points? And how soon will the use cases of the future – in mission critical IOT, massive IOT, ultra-mobile broadband – materialize to demand that transformation? We’ll dive into several critical attributes of next-generation networks and examine the most pressing work ahead of us to deliver the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Towards the Next Generation of Communications for intelligent Traffic and Autonomous Vehicles

Speaker: Dr. Ajith Amerasekera

Time: 5:05PM – 5:40PM

As we look to a future of intelligent traffic and autonomous driving, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications will require significant advances in data rates and latency to meet the required needs for information, control and adaptability to make this happen.  Multiple vehicles will need to simultaneously send and receive large amounts of information about the conditions around them using a variety of sensors.  Video, radar, Lidar, and many other sensors will be gathering information that will need to be transmitted and processed between vehicles in real time with very low latencies.  We see mmWave communications as being an important technology where beamforming and tracking with datarates of the order of 10Gbps are achievable under mobile conditions.  There are many challenges in adapting these technologies to high mobility environments including coherency, interference, and adaptability.  This presentation will provide a high level overview of the research in that area, and how some of these challenges will be addressed to enable intelligent and predictive traffic with vehicles that are closely networked and learning from each other.

5G Impact Beyond Technology

Speaker: Tom Tofigh

Time: 5:40 PM – 6:15 PM

The impact of 5G although may be obvious  or predictable with respect to emerging vertical markets in health care, education, agriculture, mission critical IOT, it is not clear what impacts will have on our lives.  Beyond BW, and Delay we are expecting the edge cloud services will bring us new visionary devices, wearables and robots that will heavily depend on last 100 meter connectivities, compute, memory, SSD, and accelerations.   5G and beyond will need to look beyond packet switching technologies.  Given the power of edge clouds, and rise of open platforms and super programability of data pipelines, we need to start to look into Object and meta data switching. Ability to accelerate, classify, learn and  observe though bump in the wires object switching cannot be too far away from realities. Service providers increased relationships with open source communities, ODM and chip vendors can only accelerate  their innovations.