The challenges of network connectivity and edge computing has driven research in Millimeter Waves, Small cells, MIMO, Beam-forming, Optical transport, semiconductor technologies and to help realize the 5G vision of tactile internet applications and beyond. Industry and governments are pushing to support wider & shared spectrum, massive & mission critical low latency sensitive, cloud-native, innovative mobile applications.

Globalization, immigration, energy security, punitive trade tariffs and uncertain markets have disrupted the employment opportunities and lead to several political leaders trying to meet their national goals through protectionist policies and investing in local infrastructure for digital transformation, education & re-training in next frontiers in computation, communications & healthcare innovation.

To rein the massive costs of research and inventions, open source has become a vehicle for shared efforts to standardization for mass deployment of Infrastructure & newer Radio (NR, MEC, NSA/eNodeB, SA/ gNodeB) and dis-aggregated Packet Core (vEPC) NFV/SDN Platforms. The DevOps, Micro Services, CI/CD and modular and agile ways to architect, design, build and deploy is the new norm. In these dynamic challenging environment “Next Frontier in Computing -2019” our annual event brings to you the Industry and academic leaders who will throw light on newer perspective how providers are redefining and deploying 5G and Edge Services, emerging Photon Cell site routers and using Semiconductor Technologies for GPU/NPUs, Data Center & Cloud services Developers and Deployers who are translating the hardware and software with AI/ML and other emerging trends in AR/VR & persistent re-configurable and programmable devices.